Using BTC Smart Agent

BTC Smart Agent is a powerful mining tool that is designed to make the process of mining cryptocurrencies more efficient and streamlined. This innovative software supports the mining of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, UnitedBitcoin, and Litecoin.

One of the main benefits of using BTC Smart Agent is its optimization of the stratum protocol. This optimization leads to a significant reduction in data volume, thereby improving communication efficiency between the mining farm and the pool. In fact, after deploying BTC Smart Agent, it is estimated that running 5,000 miners only requires 1Mbps bandwidth, which is just 10% of the consumption of direct traffic.

Another advantage of BTC Smart Agent is that it allows miners to be found in the pool’s control panel, just like when they connect directly to the pool. This makes it possible to manage miners in a more organized and effective manner, including sorting and grouping.

It is important to note that BTC Smart Agent uses its own protocol to connect to the pool, so it can only be used with the pool. If you’re looking for a tool that can optimize your mining process and help you mine more effectively, BTC Smart Agent is a great option to consider.

Kay Features

Some of its key features include:

  1. Optimized stratum protocol: BTC Smart Agent streamlines the stratum protocol, reducing data volume and improving communication efficiency between the mining farm and the pool.
  2. Improved bandwidth consumption: With BTC Smart Agent, an estimate shows that running 5,000 miners only requires 1Mbps of bandwidth, which is only 10% of the consumption of direct traffic.
  3. Separate miner management: Unlike other mining proxies, BTC Smart Agent allows for separate miner management in the pool’s control panel.
  4. Custom protocol: BTC Smart Agent uses its own protocol to connect to the pool and is only compatible with the pool.

Overall, BTC Smart Agent is a mining tool that can help improve the efficiency and management of mining operations.


BTC Smart Agent is only compatible with certain cryptocurrencies, specifically BTC (Bitcoin), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), UBTC (United Bitcoin), and LTC (Litecoin). The tool is designed to work with these cryptocurrencies by optimizing the stratum protocol and improving communication efficiency between the mining farm and the pool. However, it can only be used with the pool, as it uses its own protocol to connect to the pool.


How to use

To use the BTC Smart Agent as a mining tool, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements for running the BTC Smart Agent software, such as having an up-to-date operating system, enough memory and storage, and a stable internet connection.
  2. Download the latest version of the BTC Smart Agent software from the official website.
  3. Install the software by following the instructions provided during the installation process.
  4. Once installed, open the BTC Smart Agent software and sign in to your account or create a new one.
  5. After signing in, you can configure the software by setting up the connection to your mining pool, choosing your preferred settings, and customizing the software to your needs.
  6. Once you have set up the BTC Smart Agent software, you can start using it to mine Bitcoin, BCH, UBTC, or LTC by pressing the “Engine Start” button.
  7. You can monitor the progress of your mining activities using the “Stats” section, where you will be able to see the hash rate, the number of confirmations, and the number of rejected or approved judgments.
  8. If you encounter any errors or issues while using the BTC Smart Agent, you may consult the official website for support or troubleshooting advice.

Data Testing with an Intelligent Agent

In the absence of BTCAgent:

Download throughput: Each mining task has a size of 1440 bytes, and a new task appears every 15 seconds.

Upload throughput: The size of each transmitted share is 140 bytes, and a new transfer occurs every 10 seconds.

Thus, the overall throughput can be divided into two parts:

  • Task issuance: Fixed at 96 B/s (calculated as 1440 / 15).
  • Share transmission: 14 B/s (calculated as 140 / 10).
  • Total throughput (per miner): (1440 / 15) + (140 / 10) = 110 B/s.
  • Monthly traffic (per one miner): 110 * 3600 * 24 * 30 = 266976000 B = 272 MB.
  • 40 GB per month can be used up by: 40 * 1024 / 272 = 150 machines.
  • The actual usage might slightly exceed the theoretical value. If the second and third pools are not empty, the actual traffic could be higher (miners may receive tasks from the second and third pools, resulting in increased or even doubled traffic).

With the utilization of BTCAgent:

Download throughput: Each mining task is 1440 bytes in size, and a new task emerges every 15 seconds, allowing for a maximum of 5 concurrent tasks.

Upload throughput: Each transmitted share measures 60 bytes, and a new transfer occurs every 10 seconds.

As a result, the overall throughput is divided into two segments:

  • Task issuance: This aspect remains fixed at 480 B/s (calculated as 1440 / 15 * 5).
  • In a month: 480 * 3600 * 24 * 30 = 1244160000 B = 1.2 GB
  • Share transmission: At a rate of 6 B/s (calculated as 60 / 10).
  • In a month: 6 * 3600 * 24 * 30 = 15552000 B = 15 MB
  • With 40 GB of usage, approximately 2648 machines can be supported: (40 – 1.2) * 1024 / 15.
  • (This significantly reduces the need to connect two Windows systems.)
  • If N instances of BTCAgent are launched, the number of machines for a given traffic volume can be calculated as follows: (40 – 1.2 * N) * 1024 / 15.

Multiple Sub-accounts

  1. One agent only run for one sub-account, and all the miners connected to this agent belong to the same sub-account.
    • If you want to mining with more than one sub-accounts, you should run multiple agents for different sub-accounts at the same time.
  2. Simply copy agent folder and you will get another one. Assign a different agent port for the second agent, and it can run simultaneously with the first one. Then, you can distinguish the miners tied to different sub-accounts by different ports.
  3. No matter how many agents you are running, each configuration is unique. Set each agent as “Start service on login”, and they all will auto run when your PC starts.


  1. Showing “Service stoped unexpectedly, auto restarted n time(s).” Check if the sub-account is correct. Specially, input a sub-account belongs to the US region with the host “” will cause the issue.
    • If it’s correct, then check the port or network connection.
    • Or whether or not you run two agents with the same agent port? Notice that the first agent may hidden to system tray.
  2. How to check if the agent is connected to BTC pool?
    • If the later log shows, it works:
      • auth success, name: "your sub-account", extraNonce1: number
  3. How will the agent logs when miners are on-line or off-line?
    • When miners are on-line, the log will show:
      • miner connected, sessionId: number, IP: miner-IP
    • When miners are on-line, the log will show:
      • miner disconnected, sessionId: number, IP: miner-IP
  4. I want to report an issue. How to send the logs of agent?
    • Just pack and send the “log” folder, it contains logs in 7 days.
  5. Will the logs of agent full my hard disk?
    • Usually not. The agent will remove the logs generated at 7 days ago.
  6. How many bandwidth the agent needs?
    • For download bandwidth, it same as 5 miners connect to BTC pool directly. For upload bandwidth, it depends on how many miners you have. But the upload bandwidth will reduce 20 times than direct connecting.
    • With the agent, you could run all miners with mobile 3G/4G network and an acceptable fees.

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