• Binance CEO CZ believes Bitcoin’s price won’t double instantly post-halving.
  • Observations from three past halvings indicate a series of all-time highs in the year following the halving.
  • Historical patterns suggest gradual and sustained growth rather than immediate price spikes.

Changpeng Zhao, fondly known as CZ and renowned for his leadership at Binance, recently shed light on the often-debated topic of Bitcoin’s price trajectory post-halving. Drawing from his experiences and observations over the past three halvings, he provided insights that challenge some common misconceptions.

While many might anticipate a rapid price surge immediately after the halving, CZ’s stance contrasts this notion. He stated that Bitcoin’s price doesn’t magically double the day following the halving. Instead, the real price action, as per his experience, unfolds in the subsequent year. It is during this period that Bitcoin tends to hit multiple all-time highs.

This perspective aligns with historical data. The halving events, intrinsic to Bitcoin’s design, occur approximately every four years. Historically, these events have been followed by a significant appreciation in the price of Bitcoin, although not instantaneously. The price increase is more of a gradual process, influenced by the reduced supply of new Bitcoin entering the market and growing demand.

For market watchers and crypto enthusiasts, CZ’s observations serve as a reminder. The journey of Bitcoin, especially post-halving, is not about immediate gratification but about understanding its underlying fundamentals and the broader market dynamics.

With the next halving event on the horizon, the crypto community will be keenly observing if history repeats itself, and Bitcoin charts its course to new all-time highs, as CZ anticipates.

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