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Fellow Binancians,

Binance has added the following loanable assets on Flexible Loan and VIP Loan:

New Loanable Assets
Flexible LoanSEI, CYBER

Please refer to Loan Data and VIP Loan for the latest interest rates and a complete list of loanable and collateral assets.

What Is Binance Flexible Loan?

Binance Flexible Loan is an isolated, overcollateralized, and open-term loan service which allows users to complete loan orders while collateralizing cryptocurrencies in existing Simple Earn Flexible Products subscriptions. Through Flexible Loan, users may enjoy greater flexibility without committing to a specific loan term when borrowing cryptocurrencies, and earn Real-Time APR rewards via Simple Earn Flexible Products at the same time.

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What Is Binance VIP Loan?

Binance VIP Loan is a large personal and institutional over-collateralized loan service with competitive rates, terms, and services. Users may use Binance VIP Loan to unlock greater potential in objectives, such as greater liquidity for long-term investment funds, leveraged trading, and hedging strategies.

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